Lost Pet Recovery Tips

Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs

If you are missing a pet, please check out Lost Pet Shelter Listing HERE 

Any questions or to contact the shelter to fill out a lost report, please call the shelter at (208) 746-1623 or email us at info@lcshelter.org

And here’s what to do if your pet ever goes missing:

Step 1

Call your local shelters and rescues (Humane Society, SPCAs etc.) to see if anyone has brought your pet there.

Step 2

Put out a bed, litter box, blanket or toys with a familiar scent that will attract your pet and help them find their way home.

Step 3

Don’t put food out; this could attract other animals and actually prevent your lost pet from returning home.

Step 4

Let your closest neighbors know that your pet is missing so they can keep an eye out for him/her.

Step 5

Use our Lost Pet Poster Generator to create a PDF that you can print or share digitally.  LINK for poster generator



When you locate your pet

Call the Lewis Clark Animal Shelter and arrange to have a microchip implanted just under your pets skin for permanent identification. Law enforcement, Animal Control, Animal Shelters and most veterinarians have microchip scanners. This inexpensive, painless ID is responsible for the safe return of thousands of pets every year.