Your donations do make a difference….join us in supporting the Lewis Clark Animal Shelter today!

Ways to make a difference

Thanks to your tax-deductible donations, and the dedicated efforts of our wonderful staff and volunteers, LCAS is able to help thousands of animals every year. Our behavior staff work every day to keep pets & people together. We can always use and greatly appreciate donations of dog/cat food, and cat litter. You can find more donation ideas or purchase items from our Amazon Wishlist or Chewy have them sent straight to the shelter. If you shop with Amazon Prime, by simply typing in you can choose Lewis Clark Animal Shelter as your preferred Charitable organization and 0.5% of your purchases will be donated to our shelter! Learn more about Amazon Smile here.

Donations can be made through the LCAS Paypal Link - 


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Lewis Clark Animal Shelter  EIN 82-0207503



Give So They Can Live …

That’s a simple way of explaining just how important your gift is to us at the Lewis Clark Animal Shelter. Your donation helps us save and improve the lives of thousands of animals who need help.

We are successful in our efforts each year to save lives and ensure the future of thousands of pets in need, but this work requires a major financial commitment. Charitable donations are of great importance when it comes to funding our operating needs.

Our operating budget is $500,000. The percentage of our budget met through adoption and clinic-related fees paid by members of the public who utilize our services is just under 25 percent. The remaining $375,000 must come from charitable support from people like you who truly care about animals.

Other Ways to Give Include:

  • Bequests – A bequest in your will or living trust is an uncomplicated way to help protect animals
  • Estate Planning – Carry on your compassion for animals
  • Matching Gifts – Double (or triple) your contribution, many businesses/companies are willing to match your donations, just ask!
  • Stocks, Bonds, & Securities – LCAS welcomes gifts of securities
  • Providing for Your Pets – Plan for their welfare

If you are interested in setting up any of these options to support the shelter but needs some guidance, please give us a call! 208.746.1623 or email us at      Lewis Clark Animal Shelter  EIN 82-0207503

Insurance Gifts 

Many people may not think about insurance policies as a method of giving, but the fact is these instruments are a terrific way to support charitable initiatives, including The LCAS’s broad array of animal protection programs.

There are three ways to support a charity through insurance-related gifts—and leave a humane legacy.                                                                         

  1. You can take a life insurance policy out on yourself that is owned by The LCAS. You make a gift to The LCAS equal to or greater than the yearly premium and we reinvest your gift by purchasing the insurance. Because your gift is to The LCAS, you can take a tax deduction. Proceeds after death will come directly to us.
  2. You can name our organization as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or annuity for death proceeds. You can set up the policy so that 100% of the benefit comes to The LCAS, or divide the benefit so that The LCAS will be one of two or more people or charities benefiting from your thoughtfulness. This method of giving is completely flexible—you’re free to change beneficiaries at any time, as often as you like. You own the policy and make payments directly to the insurance company. The primary tax benefit of this method is that proceeds that come to The LCAS will not be subject to an estate tax.
  3. You can also transfer ownership of an existing policy to The LCAS. Ideal for this sort of gift is a life insurance policy that contains a benefit you no longer want or need. We would continue paying any ongoing premiums necessary to fund the policy or—as an alternative—surrender the policy for its cash value. You receive an income tax deduction for the gift of the policy up to the cash basis, or what you paid for it. Advantages of this method also include creating a legacy out of a life policy with an unneeded benefit and removing proceeds from the taxable estate.