Barn Buddy Program

Need a Barn Buddy?

Barn Buddies are cats that are independent, self-sufficient animals.  They are also known as "mousers" and "rodent managers."  They typically prefer to live outdoors, seeking accommodations in a barn or shed with a steady supply of food and water.  Some Barn Buddies, with patience and kindness, will learn to trust over time and become affectionate and loving companions.

Sometimes rescue cats, for various reasons, can not live as indoor companion pets.  These cats become part of our Barn Buddy program.  They are in desperate need of a home on a farm, horse stable, warehouse, or other suitable outdoor location.  This program offers them a chance at a safe life that is best for them.

Candidates in our Barn Buddy Program include:

  • Friendly cats with litter-box issues
  • Friendly cats that have spent their life outdoors and can not adapt to indoor life
  • Semi-feral adults too shy and fearful of people

We consider our Barn Buddies to be "outdoor pets."  They ARE NOT just turned loose to live off the land.  These cats will depend on you for basic care for their overall health.  Their welfare is our foremost consideration and we work hard to find qualified barn homes for Barn Buddy cats.

There is no adoption fee associated with barn buddies.  All Barn Buddies go to their homes spayed or neutered and are current on rabies and distemper vaccinations.

Cats do better in pairs, please consider having "Barn Buddies."

How can I adopt a Barn Buddy?

We do maintain a list of those interested in Barn Buddies, please contact the shelter for additional information regarding our program.

Email or call the LC Animal Shelter at (208) 746-1623