The Year of the Dog Movie partners with LCAS!

Check this out friends of LCAS!
We are really excited about this film, The Year of the Dog. It opens at Village Centre Cinema on February 24th and features a real-life rescue dog, Caleb, in a lead role.
We are also incredibly grateful that the film is donating 5% of its proceeds locally to us and also to over 80 dog rescues and shelters across the country.
We don’t endorse films, but we do support rescue animals like Caleb, so it is in that spirit that we hope you see this film, a poignant story about, two strays: Matt, a loner alcoholic at rock bottom, struggling to maintain sobriety and Yup’ik (Caleb) a rescue dog with an usual athletic gift.
Here’s the trailer for The Year of the Dog and hope you join us at Village Centre Cinema starting February 24 to help support rescue dogs across the country.

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