PAWS Program

Paroling Animals With Skills or PAWS. PAWS is a cooperative effort between Lewis Clark Animal Shelter and Idaho Correctional Institution- Orofino (ICIO). We select dogs from the shelter that may have behavioral/socialization or obedience issues for an eight week training program at ICIO. Hand-picked inmates who have completed a dog training course will be individually assigned to dogs that they will be responsible for during the eight weeks. Each inmate/dog team will work strenuously on basic obedience and social skills that many shelter dogs lack. At the end of the eight weeks, the dogs will return to the shelter where they will come up for adoption. Wait until you see how well trained these dogs come out! This will really make a lasting effect on these dogs as they will be much less likely to return to the shelter or bounced around to different homes with this training.

It takes a lot to make this program run smoothly, including having the necessary food and supplies for the dogs. If you would like to be a part of this amazing program, we have created a special Amazon Wishlist with items continually needed.
If you see a golden paw on a dogs photo under the "adopt" tab.. that means they are a PAWS program dog
 Our first group of PAWs dogs have graduated! Pictured below is Boomer with his new forever family who are committed to continung his training!