Kennel Sponsorship

Each pet in our care is in need of individual personal time, attention, handling, grooming and love on a frequent basis each day while they are waiting for adoption. Shelter animals often become depressed and kennel worn after a time. Potential adopters will pass these special ones by for pets that are still enthusiastic and playful.  Help us sponsor a special shelter paw today!

Sponsor a Dog Kennel

$35.00 a month will buy food, bed platforms, blankets, water bowls, toys, grooming equipment, collars, leashes AND a staff member to walk, train, groom and play with the canine resident of your kennel several times each day.

Sponsor a Cat Kennel

$25.00 a month will buy food, blankets, dishes, litter pans as well as paying for a staff member to groom, handle and play with the individual feline resident of your kennel several times every day.


Click below to use your credit card to sign up for monthly dog and/or kennel sponsorship